I recently wrote about leaving Google Reader. Of course this decision was made for me when Google announced that they will shutdown Google Creader on 1st of July. In the beginning I simply used thunderbird as my RSS reader but eventually this became too limited as for instance I couldn’t easily access my thunderbird installation from work. Then I switched to theoldreader which is more or less a Google Reader clone with additional features. It worked just fine and was free as in it didn’t cost anything. However theoldreader failed to fetch all the articles for me. Of course I couldn’t complain much as I was not a paying customer but it was enough to push me for searching for an alternative.

After some googling I bumped into NewsBlur which not only worked fast and without errors but also was open source. I have the option of installing it on my own server and also premium service is provided for very affordable 24$/year price. I chose the latter option. So far newsblur has filled all my RSS reading news by being super fast to use and fetching all the articles. They also offer mobile applications for all major platforms albeit I have only used the Android version. It works fine but does not offer the same user experience as the web user interface.

Anyway I can highly recommend newsblur for anyone still looking for replacement for Google Reader. If you don’t feel like paying for service that you are most likely using on a daily basis, then just host your own instance. For everyone else there is paid service offered at They also offer free service but it’s fairly limited and will not be enough for most users.