Migration to Octopress


Brace yourselves, it’s time for another “I migrated from X to octopress” blog post. Try to bear with me.

Like the title hints I have finally started my migration process from wordpress to octopress. I have nothing against wordpress per se but it’s way too big for my needs. I only need a simple way of creating posts every now and then and for that purpose octopress seems to be quite suitable. Also static html pages are more pop than hipster glasses these days.

Migration was easy enough since I didn’t have too many blog posts and pictures in them. The initial migration was made using excellent tool called exitwp. Exitwp converted my wordpress export xml to several markdown posts without problems. Some people have complained that they’ve had some encoding issues with exitwp but I didn’t have any.

So far I have only customized the default theme little bit and transferred the about page and blog posts. I don’t know yet wheter I will transfer the gallery I had on my old blog or not. I think I might just upload my images to picasa or flickr and just link to it. Also I might enable few more plugins if I find any interesting ones. I can already say that Octopress had the best out-of- the-box experience I’ve had. Default theme was gorgeous and few interesting plugins were built in.

Right now everything seems to work and I am more than happy with octopress. I especially like the fact that I can just use vim to edit blog posts and keep everything under git. Octopress also loads a lot faster than my previous wordpress installation, even though I tried to enable all necessary optimizations.