Project Euler


Project Euler is a website containing computational problems intended to be solved by small programs. Currently there are 351 problems to be solved and all of the problems should be doable within one- minute-rule. In other words you are doing something wrong if computing the solution takes more than one minute (or at least your program could be optimized). If you’re interested in programming or mathematics then Project Euler is for you. Solving problems is fun and along the way you may learn something new.

I remember hearing about Project Euler a long time ago but for some reason never tried solving the problems. Last Sunday I was bored and somehow ended up on Project Euler and started doing problems. I decided to use python because I haven’t really used python before. So far I have solutions for the first 21 problems and problem 67 which was exactly the same as problem 18, except computationally harder. My solutions can be found from GitHub. I’ll try to make it a habit and continue solving these problems every now and then but I give no guarantees. :)