• Encrypted Windows and Arch Linux dual-boot installation using UEFI

    I will start this with a note that this is not a tutorial type of post. It’s just to remind myself how I did this myself. I’m way too lazy to keep updating tutorials and therefore it’s easier to just post some rough guidelines instead of step by step instructions....

  • How to fix your damaged gnupg database

    Some time ago I had troubles with my gnupg installation. Namely gpg was unable to read keys from my trusted.db. I figured this had something to do with the upgrade to GnuPG 2.1.0. cd ~/.gnupg mv pubring.gpg pubring-$USER.gpg mv secring.gpg secring-$USER.gpg mv trustdb.gpg trustdb-$USER.gpg gpg --import pubring-$USER.gpg gpg --import secring-$USER.gpg...

  • Install Ubuntu 13.10 on top of encrypted lvm

    Introduction Ubuntu’s installer provides a simple option for installing on top of encrypted lvm. The option however does not allow to modify partition layout and that for me is a showstopper. The other option is to create an encrypted container for all the partitions which works fine but then one...

  • IPv6

    Just a quick note that the this site is now accessible via IPv6. :) Unlike many others I will not be doing recaps for the past year nor predictions or promises for the next one. Still I wish happy new year for everyone!

  • Fresh new look

    As you can see the site has a new fresh and responsive look. :)