• How to fix your damaged gnupg database

    Some time ago I had troubles with my gnupg installation. Namely gpg was unable to read keys from my trusted.db. I figured this had something to do with the upgrade to GnuPG 2.1.0. cd ~/.gnupg mv pubring.gpg pubring-$USER.gpg mv secring.gpg secring-$USER.gpg mv trustdb.gpg trustdb-$USER.gpg gpg --import pubring-$USER.gpg gpg --import secring-$USER.gpg...

  • Install Ubuntu 13.10 on top of encrypted lvm

    Introduction Ubuntu’s installer provides a simple option for installing on top of encrypted lvm. The option however does not allow to modify partition layout and that for me is a showstopper. The other option is to create an encrypted container for all the partitions which works fine but then one...

  • IPv6

    Just a quick note that the this site is now accessible via IPv6. :) Unlike many others I will not be doing recaps for the past year nor predictions or promises for the next one. Still I wish happy new year for everyone!

  • Fresh new look

    As you can see the site has a new fresh and responsive look. :)

  • New Skype for Android

    It’s about time! Finally the functional but otherwise not very attractive Skype on android has been updated. User interface has been totally revamped and follows the nowadays so popular flat style. With my initial testing the new version seems to work really well and so far I haven’t found anything...